If you don’t have a double partner jet, talk to each other and tell us that you want to play together at latest the 8th of august. Then we will pair up the ones that are left.   Have a good weekend. 🙂  


Startingtimes: Friday: 12:30 (group game) M85 M80 M75 M70 M65 M60 15:00  (group game) M55 M50 M45 M40 W75 W70 17:30  (group game) MD80 MD70 WD50 WD40 18:30  (group game) MD50 MD40 MD60 WD70 WD60   Saturday: 09:00  (group game) MX80 MX70 MX60 MX50 MX40 11:30-15:00 final stege and consultation matches in the single classes […]

Almost full competition

The entry time has past for the North European Veteran Championship. We have a few places over in some of the competition class. After the 27th of June, the time schedule will be set for the group game. We will also be able to tell you how many places there are for late entry in […]

See who will play

Hi all, now we will update 2 times a week all participant that have entered to play this competition. (look under tournament/participant) Looking forward to meeting you in at the North European veterans championships in Uppsala in September.